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Our Mission

As an athlete, you can lose so much more than just your identity when your career ends. My Personal Best Coaching helps athletes create a fulfilling post-athletic career and receive their first paycheck, not from sport.

Our Values

Relentlessly Optimistic:
We see the best in others and look for learning opportunities in all situations.

Ruthlessly Focused:
We have the clarity of purpose that allows us to work on the important work, always.

Radically Empathetic:
We listen to learn and understand, and we make recommendations based on what is best for our clients

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My Personal Best Coaching is certified with Business Made Simple, the Full Focus Planner system, and Tiny Habits programming. Based in Orange County California, we serve athletes who are looking for a fulfilling post-athletic career.

As a Business Made Simple Coach, I can guide you through implementing their proven frameworks.

As a Full Focus Planner Coach, I can help you create a schedule that delivers your ideal working environment.

As a Tiny Habits coach, I can assist you in creating the behavior change for tremendous success.


Head Coach and Cheif Change Maker - Tony Everett

I am passionate about helping athletes work through the change required to create a fulfilling post-athletic career and receive their first paycheck, not from sport.

Remember how vital that caring coach was in getting you to where you are today? And how that positive mentor helped you through challenging times. My passion for helping others came from creating a nonprofit (PureGame) that uses sports to offer these things to young people who live in tough neighborhoods. 

Why I am qualified as the coach to help you discover a fulfilling post-athletic career:

  • I am an entrepreneur and have worked through the pitfalls and challenges of starting a couple of businesses.

  • I have taken on the challenges of change and succeeded.

  • I mentor young people through the challenges of poor school performance and tough neighborhoods.

  • I help kids navigate the challenges of youth sports and beyond.

  • I have helped people transition from unsatisfied careers to start a business of their own.

  • I have assisted others in finding career satisfaction and thriving in their new position.


  • Tiny Habits Coach

  • Business Made Simple Coach

  • Full Focus Planner Coach


Business Made Simple University

Every Coaching Plan includes one year of free access to Business Made Simple University, with on-demand courses about marketing, leadership, business strategy, and more.


Get everything you need to know to grow a business and develop your team—all in one platform.

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