Our Mission

Transition can bring about chaos, confusion, and uncertainty. Through times of change, it can be challenging to understand where life is going. Personal Best Coaching helps people embrace these challenges and see the opportunities available to live an epic life by providing the framework and training to find meaning and purpose.

Our Values

Relentlessly Optimistic:
We see the best in others and look for learning opportunities in all situations.

Ruthlessly Focused:
We have the clarity of purpose that allows us to work on the important work, always.

Radically Empathetic:
We listen to learn and understand, and we make recommendations based on what is best for our clients

About Tony


Dr. David Kane

Head Coach

Tony Everett wants to help others overcome the chaos and confusion created by career and life transitions. Discovering a new self through the upheaval of change, you can find clarity, meaning, and understand how to live an epic life.

Why Tony is qualified as a transition coach:

  • I went through the school of hard knocks

  • I have made some big transitions

    • English Royal Navy

    • A sales career

    • Moving to the US

    • Founding a Sports-Based Youth Development nonprofit

    • Creating a coaching company to help people work through transitions


  • Tiny Habits Coach

  • Business Made Simple Coach