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Business Coaching for the college athlete

An investment into your future

Student-athletes have a great deal to offer the world, but they may struggle with creating a plan for life when their sporting life ends.

  1. Lack of real-world experience: Student-athletes dedicate a significant portion of their time to their sport, leaving little room for them to gain experience in other areas.

  2. Uncertainty about their future: Student-athletes may struggle with knowing what they want to do when they look at life beyond sport, leading to a lack of direction and a clear plan for their future.

  3. Difficulty transitioning from athletic to professional or college life: The end of any athletic career can be brutal. Athletes may struggle with adjusting to life without the structure and focus of their sport.

Student-athletes should seek resources and support to help them create a plan for life after college and beyond.

Many people before you have created amazing lives by transferring their athletic mindset to the workplace, and those who do it well, do it with a coach.

Create Clarity and Purpose

A four-week program

Change can be difficult and cause uncertainty, anxiety, and vulnerability. Learn how to create a clear vision.

A four-week program that helps you uncover the potential blockages that are holding you back from being your best self and create an action plan to replace those limiting beliefs with liberating truths. We will uncover your passions, values, and strengths to have them working for you in your chosen profession.

Investment starting from $800

Become a Hero on a Mission

A six-week program

Fate is a terrible writer of life. Take back control of your life and time and create a life full of direction and meaning.

Too many people leave their lives up to fate and wonder why they feel it was meaningless at the end of their life. Hero On A Mission will teach you to create a life plan that will give you a deep sense of meaning. This course will also walk you through a goal-setting exercise to ensure you achieve the most critical goals in your life.

Investment starting from $1,200

Business Coaching

Minimum engagement 8-weeks

The business world is full of challenges that can be taxing for the best of us. Learn how to be a value-driven professional.

I offer customized programs that meet the needs of my clients. Whether you are just starting your business journey or are a seasoned business professional, we can work through various courses to help you become a value-driven professional. The duration of these coaching packages is tailor-made to suit your needs.

Investment starting from $2,000

Start and Grow a Business

Minimum engagement 10-weeks

Transfer your athletic skills to the world of entrepreneurship, and be the business leader you were born to be.

My customized approach allows for flexibility that meets you where you are. We will work together to uncover your passion and purpose and put it to work for your entrepreneurial journey. The final deliverable is a business that provides you with the most meaningful work that reflects your passion and purpose.

Investment starting from $3,000

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Gain the knowledge you need to transfer the skills you have learned through sports to business.

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