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My Personal Best Coaching
Athlete to Employee Pathway

An investment into your future

Athletes often face challenges in planning for life after their athletic career due to several reasons, including:

  • Lack of skills and experience outside of sports: Many athletes have dedicated most of their lives to their sport and may not have developed skills and experiences in other areas.

  • Difficulty adjusting to life after sports: The sudden shift from a highly structured and focused athletic career to a more uncertain future can be challenging.

  • Mental and emotional challenges: The end of a successful athletic career can be a difficult emotional transition, as athletes may struggle with feelings of loss and identity.


Therefore, athletes must start planning their post-athletic careers early, seek advice and support, and explore different opportunities and possibilities.

Athlete to Employee Pathway

The Athlete to Employee pathway is an 8-week engagement that will help you become a Value-Driven Professional and understand all you need in this new stage of your life. 

We meet for 1-hour weekly to cover the content of the course, and you will have access to me throughout the week for any questions that might arise. 


Your investment - $3,000.

Mental and emotional well being

A social network

Skill Development

A challenge



A sense of accomplishment

Fun and entertainment

Increased confidence


Personal growth

Mission and Values

Woman in Grey Suit

Gain the skills you need to succeed in the world of business

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